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Cereals are a staple in Grains around the world, serving as a fundamental source of nutrition for billions of


Pulses are a category of crops that belong to the legume family. They are rich in protein and provide


Spices are essential ingredients in culinary arts, adding depth, flavor, and aroma to dishes around the


Dry Fruits & Nuts are a powerhouse of essential nutrients that offer a wide array of health benefits.

Dry Fruits & Nuts

Millets are a group of highly nutritious, small-seeded grasses that have been cultivated for thousands of


Flours & Ravva's play a pivotal role in the culinary world, offering a diverse range of textures and flavors to

Flour & Rava's

Sugar & Sweetness often hailed as nature's sweet gift, is a crystalline substance that has long played a central

Sugar & Sweetner

All Rice Varieties one of the world's staple foods, comes in a myriad of varieties, each with its unique texture, flavor

All Rice Varieties

About Wismark

M/S. Raja Rajeshwari Food Processors, a privately held proprietary business established on August 19, 2020, offers a broad selection of products in several categories like pulses, flours & rava's, dry fruits & nuts, cereals, sugar, millets and spices. The business currently produces and packages food goods under the "WISMARK" trademark. We source raw materials from every region of India, and the processing plant of the company which is located in Thukkuguda Hyderabad, has a monthly capacity of 200 Metric Tons for all items. 

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  • 200
    Metric Ton Per Month
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Wismark Food Grains is a trusted supplier of high-quality grains and cereals sourced from reputable farms worldwide. We are committed to providing nutritious and wholesome food options to consumers.

We partner with a network of certified farms and suppliers globally to ensure the highest quality standards. Our team conducts rigorous quality checks to guarantee that only the finest grains reach our customers.

Our Farmers

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Farmer of tomatoes

Aleesha Brown

Farmer of cherry

Kevin Martin

Farmer of potato

Sarah Albert

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